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Newsletter Highlights:

The time has arrived... you can now borrow  books from the Brownfield Public Library to load onto your e-reader. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, but, in order to do this you will need your library bar code number.  This number is located on the back of your library card.  If you have misplaced your card or your card does not have a bar code number just call the library and the librarian will be able to supply it to you.  Did you know that you don't need an actual E-Reader device?  Most tablets support e-books through free apps.



To get started go to :


Pick Brownfield Library then enter your barcode and follow the prompts.

It's that easy your ready to borrow your first e-book!


Don't feel confident... don't worry...


The Brownfield Public Library is sponsoring  a free  E-READER CLASS on June 27th from 10 - 12.








Check out New Acquisitions on Library Thing

After-school Arts Club...

This program will be geared towards gals and guys of middle school age. Home, private and public school students encouraged to attend.

Different projects will be offered depending on the participants desires.

Club meets on Fridays 3:00 -5:00.

The first meeting will be held on February 6th, we will work on a still life pencil drawing.

Please call the library to sign up.



We're not only about books...


Story time...




geared towards pre-school children, meets at the library at 10:30 on Tuesdays.






New Books for Kids:


The Blue Rider: The Yellow Cow Sees the World in Blue (Adventures in Art) by Doris Kutschbach


Robert F. Scott: British Explorer of the South Pole

(Great Names) by John Riddle



(Great Names) by Diane Cook


Isadora Duncan

(Great Names) by Susan Keating


Vincent Van Gogh

(Great Names) by Richard Bowen


Mark Twain

(Great Names) by Anna Carew-Miller


Paul Gauguin

(Great Names) by Diane Cook


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

(Great Names) by Diane Cook


Paul Cezanne: A Painter's Journey by Robert Burleigh


The Great Art Scandal:

Crack the Crime Save the Show by Anna Nilsen'


Still some time... to Help out your library... and have a chance to win a terrific prize...



We  have: four, $250.00 gift certificates to Stone Mountain Art Center.  We are selling only 60 tickets for each gift certificate at $5.00 per ticket, so your chance of winning is good. As soon as tickets are sold for each gift certificate a winner will be drawn.




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 P. O. Box 215  Brownfield, ME 04010

Telephone:   (207) 935-3003







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The last Friday of the month is Acoustic Music Jam evening... 6:00 - 8:00.

All ages, all experience levels, bring your guitar, fiddle, ukulele, banjo, mandolin...whatever you play...this is all about getting together and having fun. Bring your own refreshment.



 Summer Hours

Monday 2-7, Tuesday 10-1, Wed 10-1, Thursday 2-6, Friday 2-6, Saturday 10-2.


Thanks to our volunteers for enabling the library to be open

and available to the public for so many hours each week!




What have you read lately?





 Here is where we usually share a favorite book; but this month I want to share some information on three good books. They are the Finalists for 2015 Maine Readers' Choice Award, you can have a hand in choosing the winner and of course they are available at The Brownfield Public Library. The following is an edited press release.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 14, 2015 Contact: Valerie Osborne (207) 947-8336


The Maine Readers' Choice Award selection committee has announced the three finalists for the 2015 Maine Readers' Choice Award. The committee, which is comprised of 22 librarians, booksellers, literacy advocates, reviewers and writers, has selected the following from an initial field of more than 120 works of fiction:


Redeployment by Phil Klay (The Penguin Press);

Euphoria by Lily King (Atlantic Monthly Press); and

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (Scribner.)

Joshua Bodwell, Executive Director of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, had this to say about one of the finalists:


"Oh. My. God." Those words came to mind repeatedly as I read Redeployment, Phil Klay's debut short story collection of thematically linked tales of soldiers at war, soldiers waiting for war, and soldiers attempting to come home from war. The first story in the book-the title story-opens with this three-word punch in the gut: 'We shot dogs.' If we're lucky, each year we read books that would be exceptional no matter when we read them but which pack an extra wallop because of the time at which we're reading them. Redeployment is this sort of book, a book of our times. If not the best short story collection of 2014, it may be the most important. After being named a 5 Under 35 honoree by the National Book Foundation, Klay won the 2014 National Book Award for Fiction."




"I started out listening to this book on my walk one morning, but ended my day with reading it in bed because I needed to know what happened. I needed to know today. Euphoria is a story about three anthropologists and the odd love triangle they have created. It was very sensual, intelligent, and sad. It's a quick read, but truly a very good one," said Holly Williams, Pittsfield Public Library committee member.


"Among the hundreds of WWII-based fiction and non-fiction works out there, All the Light We Cannot See stands out from the crowd," said Aimee Turner of Portland. "This is an incredibly memorable, moving novel, with characters I've come to care deeply about - children with specific vulnerabilities (and capabilities), and the incredible, but surprisingly believable, sequence of events that bring their lives together. Frankly, I'm looking forward to re-reading it simply to enjoy it again."


"Although the novels differ widely in subject and style, each features remarkably strong characters who were shaped by their time and place in history," said Mamie Anthoine Ney, Director of the Auburn Public Library. "These are books that any Maine reading enthusiast should consider adding to their summer reading lists."


The selection of the Maine Readers' Choice Award winner is now in the hands of fiction lovers throughout the state of Maine. During the first two weeks of September, readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite book at public libraries throughout the state or on the Maine Readers Choice Award


Books reviewed by the Maine Readers' Choice Award Committee came from recommendations from librarians, patron recommendations and booksellers throughout the state of Maine. Many of the titles selected have appeared on a wide variety of "best" books lists this year as well. That list was pared down through a blind voting process by members of the Committee.


In order to be considered, the books must have been published in the United States in the previous year, appeal to a wide audience and be judged by the Committee to be notable works of exceptional quality. Revised editions, updates of previously published works, series or trilogies are not eligible for consideration. Previous winners include A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash (2013) and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (2014).


The Maine Readers' Choice Award was officially established in 2013 by the Maine State Library and the Maine Library Association with the aim of increasing awareness and reading of adult literary fiction.


Kara Kugelmeyer, Product Strategy Manager at Thorndike Press and committee member said, "The MRCA is a great way to bring together all sorts of supporters of leisure reading while promoting fantastic books. But most important it allows Maine readers to vote for a book that has touched them in some meaningful way."


The final award winner will be announced this fall.


For further information regarding the award and for all media inquiries please contact

Valerie Osborne at Bangor Public Library (947-8336).



Our Wish List


An addition to the library...yes, we are growing and we need more room.

A new librarian's computer.

All LED lighting

DVD and audio book donations

We'd like to have the Brownfield History book, re-printed, cost of printing.

We always need volunteers, if you want to help the library in any way, shelving, desk, fund raising, stop by and talk with Judi.

And, of course, money to keep the doors open is always needed.  We appreciate all donations big and small.




About Us


The Library's mission is to provide three primary services to the community:

1. Access to Books, periodicals,audiotapes,             videotapes and DVDs.

        A. Expanded book and videotape collection on site.

         B. Access to a huge universe of books via inter-library loan

         C. Assistance with locating information sources.

         D. Videotapes and DVDs

         E. Books on tape (audiotapes)


2. Access to the internet and computer technology.


          A. Access to the internet.

          B. Instruction in Computer and internet use

          C. Access to and instruction in new digital media


3. Meeting space and facilities for community


           A. Arts and crafts exhibits

           B. Boy Scout/Girl Scout meetings

           C. Other community group meetings

           D. Book clubs/Discussion groups

           E. Readings - local authors

           F. Story hour for children

           G. Family movie night

           H. Outdoor activities in season



The Brownfield Public Library has embarked on a substantial long term development program to greatly enhance its facilities and expand its services to the Brownfield community.  Thanks to the continuing support of so many in the community, the Library is confident of achieving its goals.


Don't be shy...

when visiting the library if you ever need assistance please do not hesitate to ask... for recommendations, how to use the computers, inter-library loans...we're here for you and want to help.



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