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Reverend Ivory and Mary Brown were living in Brownfield

when the Civil War started.


Mr. Brown promptly enllsted in the 31st Maine Infantry. She “joined up” with her husband, a year after their marriage, when he enlisted on Oct. 18, 1864, and remained in the service until he was discharged on July 15, 1865


According to newspaper articles, Mary Brown was a staunch abolitionist. In a post war interview she said she fought “because slavery was an awful thing, and we were determined to fight it down.” As an evangelist Mrs. Brown played her most outstanding role, namely, to assuage the aching heart and the troubled soul thereby lessening the fear of embarking on that last voyage bound for the land where sickness, sorrow and death are unknown

Often, when her husband was on picket duty, Mary Brown took his place in the ranks and stood on the firing line with a “ 16 shooter,” a sword and a dirk. (short sword). She was standing next to her brother-in law, a veteran of 47 battles, when he was killed at the Siege of Petersburg. The siege of Petersburg lasted well into 1865, marked by a constant reinforcing of the lines, intermittent sniper fire, occasional Union prod­ding of Confederate defenses, some skirmishes, and three more battles. On the Union side there were at least two women who endured the siege, one of whom was Mary A. Brown of the 31st Maine Infantry.


Her husband was seriously wounded In the Wilderness Campaign .

Mary Brown miraculously escaped injury, which enabled her to act as a nurse where she dressed wounds and assisted the surgeons in performing major operations on the battlefields. At one time she had complete charge of a field hospital with 150 wounded men to take care of.






Mrs. Mary Brown is know to all  her friends as ‘Grammy’ She is  shown here holding her beloved New Testament which she proudly boasted had read 50 times. She is wearing her Ladies Relief Corps badge and her Post badge.

She was a member of the Daniel A. Bean Post G.A.R., No. 160 at Brownfield and also of Annie A. Gould Tent #1 Portland, Maine

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865.

Civil War Hero Mary Brown

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