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2016 Calendar Historical Photographs of Brownfield, Maine

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The calendar was published,designed and colorized at the Edge of Maine Gallery. The original black and white images were taken by Granville Poor, a photographer living in Brownfield at the turn of the 20th century. The glass plate negatives are owned by the Penobscot Maritime Museum in Searsport, Maine and used with their permission. This is the first time anyone has seen this recorded view. The cover photograph is a combination of two separate images that were joined to give a panoramic view of the village at

Brownfield Centre around 1915.



Frank Ham’s Grocery Store and Post Office is on the left.

The Dr. Hubert and Fanny Fitch house is to the right of it.

Across the street is the original library which was established by The Ladies of Center Village in 1897.





The library is on the lower right




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Mailing address:

 P. O. Box 215  Brownfield, ME 04010

Telephone:   (207) 935-3003









Fall Hours

Monday 2-7, Tuesday 10-1, Wed 10-1, Thursday 2-6, Friday 2-6, Saturday 10-2.


Thanks to our volunteers for enabling the library to be open

and available to the public for so many hours each week!

The last Friday of the month is Acoustic Music Jam evening... 6:00 - 8:00.

All ages, all experience levels, bring your guitar, fiddle, ukulele, banjo, mandolin...whatever you play...this is all about getting together and having fun. Bring your own refreshment.





Our Wish List


An addition to the library...yes, we are growing and we need more room.

A new librarian's computer.

All LED lighting

DVD and audio book donations

We'd like to have the Brownfield History book, re-printed, cost of printing.

We always need volunteers, if you want to help the library in any way, shelving, desk, fund raising, stop by and talk with Judi.

And, of course, money to keep the doors open is always needed.  We appreciate all donations big and small.




About Us


The Library's mission is to provide three primary services to the community:

1. Access to Books, periodicals,audiotapes,             videotapes and DVDs.

        A. Expanded book and videotape collection on site.

         B. Access to a huge universe of books via inter-library loan

         C. Assistance with locating information sources.

         D. Videotapes and DVDs

         E. Books on tape (audiotapes)


2. Access to the internet and computer technology.


          A. Access to the internet.

          B. Instruction in Computer and internet use

          C. Access to and instruction in new digital media


3. Meeting space and facilities for community


           A. Arts and crafts exhibits

           B. Boy Scout/Girl Scout meetings

           C. Other community group meetings

           D. Book clubs/Discussion groups

           E. Readings - local authors

           F. Story hour for children

           G. Family movie night

           H. Outdoor activities in season



The Brownfield Public Library has embarked on a substantial long term development program to greatly enhance its facilities and expand its services to the Brownfield community.  Thanks to the continuing support of so many in the community, the Library is confident of achieving its goals.


Don't be shy...

when visiting the library if you ever need assistance please do not hesitate to ask... for recommendations, how to use the computers, inter-library loans...we're here for you and want to help.



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