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Things you would need in 1879



"The Farnsworth" Gets a Slot in "Warehouse 13"  


Philo Farnsworth lived and worked in Brownfield up until the famous fire of 1947 when his laboratory was burned to the ground.






The inner workings of the Farnsworth "Vaudio"


The inner workings of the Farnsworth "Vaudio"

The Farnsworth Replica Blueprint is a 1:1 scale exact re-creation of the technical treasure trove seen in Episode 3, Season 2 of the hit SyFy show, Warehouse 13. What do we mean by "exact"?  Well, it's printed directly from the original file that was used to create the screen-used prop.




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The BPL was rebuilt by the Quakers after the fire of '47. in June of 2004 The building was moved to the current Spring Farm location.






Howard Moulton,  Robert Y. Spring , Clayton Edward Spring - circa 1912

1st Annual Music and Arts Festival







Ed Grove ~ Library Trustee


A shout out to Ed Grove, World War II Veteran, EMT, Blacksmith and Library Trustee, who continues to serve, create, and benefit the community.


serving community and country


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